Microsoft Surface RT Tablets Available On Windows 8 Launch

By | 05.11.2019

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RT also has the Windows 8. Note that the latest Windows 8. But despite that, as well as high initial prices for products like the Surface RT plus notable stillborn devices and absentee vendors , Microsoft still appears to be committed to the cut-down version of Windows 8 and now Windows 8. Read more: Here’s some shots direct from the device.
Microsoft Surface RT tablets available on Windows 8 launch

Surface RT tablets won’t get their Windows 10-like update until September

Last week, the company’s own online store showed all configurations of the Surface 2 — the lone Windows RT tablet still sold — as out of stock, and that held as of early Monday. Best Buy, Microsoft’s U. And while giant e-tailer Amazon listed some Surface 2 tablets for sale, many were refurbished units, not new devices.

Enterprise mobility UEM is the next step ] Another tip-off that the Surface 2 line will be dead-ended: Microsoft will not offer an upgrade to Windows 10 for either that tablet or its predecessor, originally called Surface RT and then renamed simply Surface. Instead, Microsoft will provide an unspecified update at some point in the future. But there will not be a path to Windows 10, the operating system slated to release later this year and which will, by Microsoft’s telling, be its sole client OS for years to come.

Microsoft declined to answer questions about the Surface 2’s future and whether sales had officially stopped. It’s gone [ Got a spare hour? Take this online course and learn how to install and configure Windows 10 with the options you need. The Surface RT was troubled from its release, and bled money almost from the start.

And even though Microsoft aggressively promoted Windows RT, it was adopted by few OEMs original equipment manufacturers and then quickly dropped by those who did. But if Windows RT and the Surface 2 are dead, or nearly so, what happened? How did Microsoft make such a big blunder? The Surface was incompatible with the PC, and couldn’t run all the customer’s legacy applications. Microsoft never made clear to consumers that Windows 8 and Windows RT were entirely different beasts, and that the latter was, in fact, incapable of running — with the exception of Microsoft’s own scaled-back Office — anything but the new “Metro” apps.

Gottheil agreed. But the dearth of software for the modern interface didn’t help. But it was launched in the teeth of the iPad explosion. Nothing in the in. All everyone wanted then was an iPad. If someone wanted a slab of glass then, the iPad was the only thing they were going to want.

While they unanimously applauded the Surface Pro 3, the current incarnation of Microsoft’s 2-in-1, they weren’t convinced that Microsoft had to get involved. With all the growth then going on in tablets, they had to have a solution,” he said.

But the [OEM] partners have caught up. In any case, you can’t really point to a huge, overwhelming support for 2-in-1s. They’re getting better and will get much better with Windows 10, but 2-in-1s are still a niche. Surface Mini never released Last year, Microsoft was on the verge of releasing a smaller-sized Surface, dubbed the Surface Mini, but at the last minute decided not to launch the 7-in. Neither O’Donnell or Baker were going to hold their breath for a return of the Mini.

Tablet sales, especially in the U. And if nothing else, the demise of the Surface has shown that tablets are harder to sell than two years ago. Because there was only one model, they just built a bunch. And now they’ve finally gone through all of them. So they’ve called it a day. The previous period was the first that Microsoft claimed a profit for the tablet and 2-in

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Oct 17, PCs & tablets · Accessories Windows is now available for Surface RT and Surface Pro! From the beginning, we designed Surface to be the ultimate stage for Windows, and this first major update since Surface launched is a as by teams across Microsoft who have worked on the new and improved. Jun 18, The Microsoft Surface Windows 8/RT tablets have been unveiled and it will be available in store at the same time Windows 8 launches. Oct 22, As Windows 8 and its accompanying devices launch on October 26, you’ll want to with the new tile-based Start Screen UI and the available desktop mode. Windows RT is a tablet- and mobile-focused OS, while Windows 8 is a Even with Surface RT pre-orders open, many Microsoft employees were.

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Remove Windows 8. Windows 8. With the addition of a familiar and easy-to-use Start menu, you’ll have quick access to your desktop and all your apps, files, and PC settings in one convenient place.

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Tap or click Check now. I heard that with Windows Embedded Compact 7 would be possible to do, but here is the question, how?! Is it possible just by running the WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.

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Oct 23, The Microsoft Surface combines a fantastic industrial design and innovative Few high-quality apps available for now ; Poor-quality cameras; Sluggish as a keyboard, the Surface with Windows RT ($ to start) is one of the .. able to purchase the Windows 8-powered ThinkPad Tablet 2, which will run. Jun 18, The Microsoft Surface Windows 8/RT tablets have been unveiled and it will be available in store at the same time Windows 8 launches. Nov 21, Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet offers great hardware, sort-of-okay software and to this end it’s available with optional, touch or tactile keyboard covers. and that the soft material on the edges would start to fold and look awful.

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